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What is a domain name?

A domain name is like your own piece of online real estate. People usually associate a domain name with a business.

What do I need to transfer?

If you already own a hosting account with us, it’s much easier for all of your services to be under the one roof.

How much does it cost for a domain name?

It varies depending on the type of domain name. Either use the form above or check the prices below.

How long does it take to transfer?

The maximum it can take to transfer a domain is 72 hours. But in our experience it’s usually a lot quicker then that.

I already own a domain name, why should I transfer.

We can manage your domain name for you. Which means we can take care of renewals along with any extra requests you may have accociated with it.

I don’t know who hosts my domain name.

Give us a call on 02 8484 0313 and we can let you know who is hosting your domain and we can assist you with the transfer.

Domain Name Registration Cost

Domain name transfers are free, and we can help you with the process. The registration period also carries over so if you have 1 year left with your domain, you won’t pay anything until the domain name registration is due to expire.

Global Domains

Only $18 per year

Extension Time Period
.com 1 Year
.net 1 Year
.org 1 Year
.biz 1 Year
.info 1 Year
.mobi 1 Year
.us 1 Year

Aussie Domains

Only $29.95 for 2 years!

Extension Time Period
.com.au 2 Years
.net.au 2 Years
.org.au 2 Years
.id.au 2 Years
.asn.au 2 Years

New Zealand Domains

From only $18 per year

Extension Time Period
.co.nz 1 Year
.geek.nz 1 Year
.gen.nz 1 Year
.maori.nz 1 Year
.net.nz 1 Year
.school.nz 1 Year